Monday, May 4, 2009

Should The Internet Be Banned ?

I strongly believe that the internet should not be banned as it provides such services as cheap communication, information search engines, online shopping and banking.However the internet has produced negative problems as well like cyber bullying, many actions have been taken to prevent and resolve problems like these.

The internet should not be removed as it provides the service of cheap communication to people all over the world.Emailing and Skype are examples of communication methods used through the internet.Sending an e-mail is a cheaper option of overseas communication, as you can send one e-mail world wide for free the only cost being the internet itself. This is affordable compared to calling overseas which is a form of communication without the internet, as pricing starts at a minimum of one dollar a minute.By the internet being banned the price of overseas communication will be very expensive to use, which leaves a gap in the accessibility of contacting people overseas.

Information search engines such as Google and are one of the many reasons the internet should not be banned.Google is one of the most popular search engines used through out the world as it is so user friendly.For example anyone no matter their knowledge of the internet can simply type in what the wish to 'Google', and within a matter of seconds you will receive a list of website links which provide information on the topic just 'Googled'. Advantages of using Google are that there is no limitations on what you can search as information is available on history, health facts,sports results,music etc.It is a time and energy saving process as you are not required to leave the house.Without search engines like these gaining information on unfamiliar topics becomes very hard, as without the internet people would have to resort to the limited information in libraries, and sometimes unreliable primary resources which is time consuming, stressful and hard to find.

People tend to use the internet as it provides online services such as internet banking, online auctions, grocery and fashion shopping.This saves consumers time,energy and money and therefore should not be banned as to many people use these services for them to suddenly be stopped, this would cause major disrupt to business and consumers as they rely on these services provided by the internet on a daily basis.By being able to do this without leaving the home it means it is user friendly, as sometimes people do not have time or are not fit to leave the house to carry out these tasks, but the internet helps them do that as it provides the correct services.By having the internet as a shopping and auction option you are able to to purchase items from overseas and create auctions to sell things to different cities all over the world, this would not be possible without the internet. The internet provides ease to peoples hectic schedules and therefore should not be banned.

However the internet does have its disadvantages like cyber bullying but help is on offer to stop and try and solve these problems.Minor problems like these should not override all the positives of the internet to get it banned by the minor defects bringing it down. Because of the ease of accessibility to social networking sites like Bebo and Facebook cyber bullying has occurred by the culprits doing their bullying via the internet. Actions have been taken to prevent these things like on Bebo, you are able to report abuse if someone is hassling you on that site which can lead to the bully's account being deleted.There are helplines available and offer support to bullying victims like 0800 Helpline.Internet bullying prevention rules are available also like do not reply the abusive content.Providers of the internet are aware of the disadvantages of the internet, and provide solutions to these problems so that it is a safe service to use therefore, the internet should not be banned as effort is being put into fixing these implications.

In conclusion the internet has evolved our society and has become something we can not live without as it provides us with user friendly time,energy,money and stress saving services or features like cheap communication, information search engines and online banking and shopping.I strongly believe the internet should not be banned as it is used worldwide and provides useful services that benefit everyone.

By LilyRose

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  1. Achieved. Great work Lily. Great structure and very compelling argument. However you need to be careful with syntax and punctuation. Also you do not to use capital letters for internet and cyber-bullying. Do your corrections, and read it aloud, pausing where you have commas and full stops only - this may help you to find errors with punctuations. Your argument and structure suggest you are capable of M-E! Good work.