Monday, May 18, 2009

Of Mice And Men Essay #1

In the novel Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck an important character is Lennie Small. He is an important character as he helps to portray the central themes in the novel and is involved in the most important events in the story.

Lennie Small is a gentle giant "a huge man, sloping shoulders walking heavily, dragging his feet a little , the way a bear drags his paws ". His appearance gives a misleading first impression as his personality is not suited to his exterior appearance.Lennie is extremely humble and has no intention of inflicting harm "I didn't mean ta hurt you". Lennie is incredibly strong but cannot control his strength which causes some of the main turning points in the novel "Lennie had broken her neck".

An important character is Lennie Small as he causes the major turning points in the story to occur , for example he was the reason himself and George had to move to the ranch, as they got driven out of weed because of one of Lennie's many mistakes." He seen this girl in a red dress, he wants to touch ever'yhing he likes, so he reaches out to feel the red dress an' the girl lets out a squawk. She rabbits and tells the cops shes been raped the guys in weed start a party out to lynch Lennie".Lennie is also the reason for himself and George being kicked of the ranch as he breaks Curly's wife neck." He shock her, her body flopped like a fish and then she was still, Lennie had broken her neck". All these events are due to Lennie's lack of self control with his strength without Lennie in the story these major events wouldn't occur as he is the reason for them which shows his importance.

Lennie's actions effect others around him as he is an important character which shapes the story as it is based around his actions and mistakes.When he breaks Curly's wife neck it effects her, Curly, George and Candy from just one action. George is effected as he has to leave the ranch and Candy is effected by their plan for the 'American dream' is no longer possible. This conveys the difficulty and the strive of succeeding in the 'American dream' during the 1930's "A drum of running feet and the men burst into the barn Slim, Carlson, young Whit and Curly". His importance is shown by how many people around him get effected by his actions and through his friendship with George. The friendship between George and Lennie is an important factor in the novel as it is unique and rare, it is important as it shocks and effects many people around them. Their friendship is part of their 'American dream' and therefore is important to them."Because I got you to look after me, and me to look after you".

In conclusion Lennie Small gives a misleading first impression to his humble personality but not to his incredible strength. He is an important character as he causes the main turning points of the story which effects many people around him. Without Lennie in the novel these turning points would not be able to occur making Lennie a crucial character in the book.

By LilyRose

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  1. Merit. Good detail and good attention to question. Some of your wording and your topic sentences are a little clumsy - this is something to work on for Excellence.